Multi-Touch Projected Capacitive Touch

Amwell introduces its new Multi-Touch Projected Capacitive Touch technology.  Our PCT sensors are designed, manufactured, and supported in the Guangzhou China factory.  Our touch screens provide extreme durability and superior optics.  We offer a custom made product line from 4.3” – 15” to meet your application requirements.  Our PCT is the perfect choice for your Medical, Instrumentation or Industrial application. 

Projected Capacitive Sensor Constructions, including:

  • Glass/Film/Film ( Cover glass + film/film sensor)
  • FG2 (PET + Double Sided ITO Glass sensor)
  • GG2 (Cover glass + Double Sided ITO Glass sensor)
  • OGS (One Glass Solution)


Working voltage: 3.3V Working current: 2.5mA-10mA according to IC
Surface Hardness: 3H-6H according to construction. Connector type: I2C,USB
Storage Temperature: -30°C~+80°C <60%RH Operation Temperature: -30°C~+80°C <60%RH
Transparency: ≥86% according to construction. Operation Force: less than 20g
Surface treatment: anti-fingerprint, anti-oil Cover Glass Thickness: 0.7mm,1.1mm,2mm
TP and IC connection: COF or COB Operation Expectance: > 100,000,000 times
Anti-jamming capability (machine): contact discharge ≥8KV, air discharge ≥15KV Multi-Touch: up to 10 fingers