Resistive Touch Screens with Integrated Membrane Switch

If you are looking for touch screen technology fully sealed to your bezel, we have the solution for you. Our Resistive Touch Screens can be bonded to a full sheet of polyester or polycarbonate overlay. This graphic overlay could also be the graphic overlay of a membrane switch layer. This design eliminates the need for clumsy perimeter gaskets or thick bezel cutouts. It provides for a washable front surface and extra durability for the touch screen in harsh environments. A full ESD shield of ITO coating or a perimeter conductive ink or foil shield layer can also be added.

Membrane Switches

Membrane switch is a combination electronic product of decoration and function and now it is widely used in communications, industrial control, medical equipment, automotive industry, instrument, military industry, financial industry, home appliances, toys etc. The main types of membrane switches are:

  1. Name plate
  2. Flat type without tactile effect
  3. Embossed key type with tactile effect
  4. Embossed key type with metal dome type
  5. Finished with LED
  6. Finished with silicon rubber keypad
  7. Finished with flexible FPC
  8. Finished with EL plate
  9. Finished with touch panel
  10. Duraswitch type
  11. Finished with PCB soldering
  12. Finished with LGF

Standard Specifications

Maximum Circuit Rating: 35V(DC),100mA,1W
Contact Resistance: 10Ω~ 500Ω
(Varies from the trace length and material)
Insulation Resistance: 100MΩ 100V
Dielectric: 250VRms(50~60Hz 1min)
Contact Bounce: < 5ms
Lift Expectancy: Flat: ≥ 5million times
Tactile: ≥ 1 million times
Actuation Force: Flat:57~284g(2~10oz)
Tactile: 170~397g(6~14oz)
Switch Stroke: Flat: 0.1~0.5mm
Tactile: 0.6~1.5mm
Operation Temperature: -40~+80
Storage Temperature: -40~+80
Humidity: 40,90%~95%,240hours
Vibration: 20G,max.(10~200Hz,Mil-SLD-202,M204.Condition B)