Resistive Touch Screens

Amwell offers 4-, 5- and 8-Wire Resistive Touch Screens. Our Resistive Touch Screens are a cost-effective, durable and versatile solution for many applications, from medical devices to personal consumer devices to industrial uses. In general, Resistive Screens consist of a flexible top layer (PET) and a bottom layer (glass or PET) separated by tiny spacer dots. The inside surface of each layer is finished with a transparent conductive coating (ITO). The pressure of touch creates contact between the top and bottom circuit layers. The touch screen’s controller interprets the electronic response between the two layers to determine touch coordinates, and communicates this information to the host computer.


Electrical: 5V DC,35mA Surface Hardness: 3H
Film+Glass >78% Operation Expectance: > 1,000,000 times
(5 Wire: > 10,000,000 times)
Sliding Expectance: > 100,000 times
(5 Wire: > 1,000,000 times)
High Transmittance F+G >83%
Overlay+Film+Film+Glass >76%
Reaction Time: <10ms Operation Temperature: -30°c~+80°c
Linearity: <1.5% Storage Temperature: -40°C~+85°C
Operation Force: 20g~150g ITO Glass Thickness: 0.55mm,0.7mm,1.1mm,1.8mm,3.0mm
Glass Type: Regular and chemical strengthen glass